From our very beginnings, we have been in constant growth and development, supporting continuous improvement and the quality of our products. Since its inception we have been seeking to offer the best taste of the original cod to the consumers. Only the best fresh fish and a careful preparation ensures a good salted cod.

That is why we select the most suitable products from Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands, where we can find the main fishing grounds of the authentic cod, the Gadus Morhua. This guarantees the freshness of the product in the initial processing: salting. We demand that all the cod that we buy has been previously legally fished with the most respectful techniques for the marine environment.


After removing the salt that accompanies the cod since the original factory, then we process it in different rooms for cutting, drying and packaging.

Cod is a seasonal fish. To deal with the demand along the whole season it is required to have major refrigeration facilities at your disposal to store the cod at a controlled temperature where it will mature and turn into a delicacy until it is sold.

The experience of our staff combined with a spirit of constant improvement clearly differentiates our products.